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The stable is situated in a historical area. Below the area the Romans built a castellet of on of their cohorts, supporting their defense line "Limes". It was the ultimate armed border line of the Roman Empire against the german tribes and reached from Laiz over 550 kilometres through the nowadays federal states of Rheinand-Plalz, Hessen, Baden-Württemberg and Bayern.

The expansive stable and it’s land show that also in ancient times horses were kept here. If the Romans can therefore be seen as the founding fathers of the famous horse breeding in the Schwaebian Alb can not be proved.But it’s for sure a fact that they brought equestrian knowledge and their horses over the alb mountains to this place.

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+++ +++ +++ Olympia London 2012 with Charlottenhof-Horses +++

Support with heart and mind t is not possible to ignore sponsorship in the Sports world today. Remember the times when athletes that accepted money were not allowed to compete at the Olympics for breaking their Amateur status. Today nothing would function in the Sports world without sponsorship - also not in the Horse Sport. ... +++ more
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